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Top 10 Food for Hair Growth and Thickness

Many of us don’t know but about an inch and a half part of our hair get nutrition from the food we eat. Diet plays an important role in hair growth and so as hormones. Long, strong and shiny hair is almost everyone’s dream yet not everyone is able to fulfill it. Of course, it’s important to keep your scalp healthy, but it’s also critical to pay attention to your diet. You can have dry, frizzy, smooth or silky hair – all these are signs of your inside health. Each strand is made up of cells that contain a tough protein called keratin and they need to be constantly nourished with minerals and vitamins to make your hair long and strong. So, what can you eat to make your hair faster? I have put together a list of the best food for hair growth. Eat your way to fuller, stronger hair.

Superfoods for hair growth:


Fish is an excellent source of protein which helps in growing longer and thicker hair. It also has essential fatty acids and omega fatty acids that the body cannot produce on its own. But make sure you do not consume it on a regular basis at it contains mercury.

Eg. Salmon, Tuna, mackerel are recommended.

food for hair growth


Oysters contain a high amount of Zinc. Its a source of 100% protein which helps in achieving longer, stronger and thicker hair. They also have vitamin A, E and C, calcium and vitamin B12.

food for hair growth


Red meat again contains a lot of protein which helps in growing longer, thicker hair. It also has vitamin A, B, D. It has zinc and other nutritional benefits that will help stave off hair loss and keep your mane shiny and healthy.

Eg: If you eat red meat, then lamb is highly recommended.

food for hair growth


Greek yogurt has a high amount of Vitamin B5 which stimulates hair growth and the same vitamin fights hair loss. So, next time you feel hungry at odd hours make sure you grab some greek yogurt and add fruits or nuts to it.

food for hair growth


Are you serious..? how can cucumber help in hair growth. YEAH, VERY MUCH. Cucumber has a high amount of silicon which promotes hair growth and makes your hair longer, thicker and shinier. It builds collagen and improves the elasticity of hair which makes it strong and non-breakable. Unless and until to pull the hell out of your hair from the hair shaft. haha!

food for hair growth


Now spinach is something which is not only hated by children but also by adults. This superfood is a complete book in itself. It not only contains zinc, vitamin A, C, collagen and lots of iron. Spinach promotes a healthy scalp and moisturizes your scalp. Trust me, I love spinach more than Popeye, the sailor man loves it.



Now,  vitamin C is also great nutrition which helps in growing healthy, stronger and thicker hair. But, more than citrus fruits bell pepper especially the red bell pepper has a high amount of vitamin C. It provides damage and breakage protection.

food for hair growth


Hair is made up of protein and keratin is a fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of hair. If talking about protein and chicken is not listed then it isn’t fair..huh? Lean chicken is an excellent source of protein which can be consumed by everyone who prefers lean meat over red meat. It is lighter than red meat and as a protein source helps in growing stronger, thicker, longer hair.

food for hair growth


They are full of antioxidants and Vitamin A. When consumed they produce sebum which prevents drying and in turn reduces hair fall.

food for hair growth


Cinnamon promotes blood circulation to the scalp. This spice not only tastes excellent on fruits and greek yogurt but increases blood circulation. Increase in blood circulation means an increase in nutritional value and oxygen to your hair follicles which reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth.

food for hair growth

So,  try these amazing superfoods and get a healthy, shiny, longer mane and let us know your views in the comment section below.

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