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Hair is all about how you take care of it. If you wish to achieve salon silky smooth hair at home you need to follow some tips and tricks without burning hole in your pocket. There are few basic mistakes we do in our daily routine which leads to hairfall, frizzy and dry hair, dandruff,itchy scalp etc. I will guide you to few steps which are simple and give you silky smooth hair yet many might be doing it wrong which leads to many hair problems.

Lets see.


There are many people who choose the shampoo and conditioner just looking at the TV commercial girls. Always choose the shampoo and conditioner according to the results you want. For eg. If i want silky smooth hair, opt for the shampoo which claims to give silky,smooth results and same for the conditioner. If you want shampoo which focuses hairfall problems, choose a shampoo which treats hairfall and the conditioner respectively.

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Many people think that if you have silky smooth hair you can skip the conditioner. Well, in some cases it is true. But it might rip off the natural oils which is produced by tye sebaceous glands in the long run. Using a conditioner helps to lock and retain the moisture which is removed by washing the hair with the shampoo. For Dry and Frizzy hair a conditioner is a must. People with dry and frizzy hair just cannot miss the the conditioner.

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  • Always start applying the conditioner from the tip of your hair and then move towards upwards while massaging the lengths of your hair.
  • Rinse your hair completely thoroughly (I cannot stress more) It is very important to rinse your hair completely with normal/cold water even if it is winter season. Never use hot water as hot water will leave your hair more dry and frizzy. Even if you have healthy hair,you might end up ruining your hair and you will fail to achieve silky smooth hair.


It’s all about how to wash your hair properly. The purpose is to remove the dirt and oil from the scalp. If you are not able to take away the dirt from the scalp, the oils (sebum) produced by the sebaceous glands will get mixed with the dirt and dust. This dirt will get mixed with the oil and penetrate deep into the scalp causing hairfall, hairthinning etc. And keep silky smooth hair at bay.
  • Always dilute the shampoo in enough water in mug. Pour the mixture on your scalp ( remember all the hair should be on the back and not all over your face ).
  • Massage your hair for good half to a minute.Rinse with normal/cold water.
  • If you have dandruff problem use a good anti-dandruff shampoo ( sles and sls free).
  • Always wash your hair twice a week if you have dry hair and thrice if oily hair with proper conditioner for silky smooth hair.


After washing hair when the hair is damp, run your fingers through the length of your hair gently. Use a good serum to detangle the hair. (No alcohol serum).Let the hair air dry. The serum will naturally detangle your hair to a great extent and give you silky smooth hair.
  • Use a alcohol free serum on damp hair
  • Once the hair is 80% dry, comb your hair with a big paddle brush.You can use a comb though, but paddle brush reduces your hairfall to 90% when compared to comb.
  • Start combing from tip of your hair and then move upwards little by little.


If you are sitting at home,it is easy for air-drying the hair but if you are on the go, blow dry is a must..Well, stop using blow dryer. Instead use a table fan or fan to dry your hair. Table fan or fan blows air which is of normal temperature. Remember one thing, any form of heat is bad for your hair. Blow drying the hair affects the health and texture of your hair thereby keep the dream of having silky smooth hair at a bay. No matter which serum,conditioner you use, blow drying will rip away all the moisture in seconds. Spilt ends are the main cause of heating tools and blow drying.
  • If you ever want to use a straightner or curler for any occassion. Always use good amount of serum or heat protecting sprays.
  • The OGX argan oil of morocco extract is an excellent oil which is almost like a loght weight serum which you can use before styling your hair. This will give you silky smooth hair without causing any damage.

So, guys thats all. These were my tips for silky smooth hair. I hope you follow them and make your hair silky smooth and repair the damage caused. Thankyou.



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