Top 5 secrets for amazing hair | silky smooth hair

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Important vital nutrients for Hair Growth

Food plays an important part when it comes to hairgrowth. About one and half inch of hair from your roots get nutrients from the food we eat. So let us see the important nutrients.. 3 Vital Nutrients For Hair Growth : Having healthy, shiny, voluminous hair is the ultimate desire for every woman. To get … Read more

Miracle cure for dandruff | 5 hair masks to treat dandruff | Hair hack

Attention..! Attention..! Attention..! Hey everyone.. today i have come up with an important yet delicate topic. Yes, as my tittle suggests… Cure for Dandruff. Guys,dandruff is such a big problem yet many of us turn a blind eye to it.But guys it can turn out to be a really great problem if we neglect it. … Read more