A simple daily skin care routine for oily skin

Oily skin is because of a lot of factors like your genes, stress, environmental conditions, your lifestyle and diet you follow to name a few. Lucky are those who are blessed with normal skin, unfortunately, there are a few people with oily skin but do not worry, with some extra care and love, you will be able to achieve flawless skin. I have decided to pen down this article since I get a lot of requests on my Instagram DM saying “Please help me with the daily skin care routine for oily skin”. So finally I am writing this blog.

Here is a small story about my skin I would like to share, I have suffered from oily skin for most of my life and because of that the biggest challenges you face because of oily skin is the acne, large pores, unwanted shine all time, acne marks and so on! Your whole face is oily within an hour of washing it nicely, you cannot stand summers, the makeup is not working for you, and over-the-counter products or the DIYs hardly work.

So what’s the good news? I have talked to a few of my dermatologists and with my own experience, I can assure you that with the help of the best skin care routine and products curated for oily skin, all the above issues can be solved to a great extent.

A simple oily skin care routine which can be done at home itself is going to do a lot more good to your skin to make it flawless, clear and shine-free.

Here is your daily skin care routine for oily skin:

Step 1: Oil Cleanse

Now, you will ask me why oil cleanse when I already have oily skin? Yes, Oil cleansing is one of the overlooked steps in the oily skincare routine. Cleansing with oil or cleansing balms help to remove all the dirt, grime, and oil from your pores. It helps to break down your sunscreen and makeup very effectively that a makeup remover fails to. No matter if you use makeup or not, it is one of the best steps in your daily skin care routine. Your pores are going to thank you and eventually, fewer breakouts and blackheads are making their way back home!

Step 2: Water Cleansing

Water cleansing is the second step that you do after the oil cleanses and no matter which skin type, you have to follow double-cleansing. Double cleansing is much-hyped in the Korean oily skin care routine but usually overlooked in India.  Check here for the entire procedure of double cleansing.

Some best face wash in India for oily skin:

  • Centella face wash by Suganda.co
  • Neem and hemp face wash by Juicy Chemistry
  • Honey fix face cleanser by Vilvah
  • Neutrogena deep clean face wash
  • Low pH cleanser by Cosrx
  • Tea tree cleanser by The Body Shop
Water Cleansing for Oily Skin

Step 3: Toner

Toner is usually an overlooked step in the daily skin care routine. Toner helps in restoring the pH balance of your skin, deeply cleanse your pores, it shrinks the pores, refreshed the skin and helps the other skin care products to absorb better.

You can use an exfoliating toner with BHA in your skin care regime if you are very prone to acne and oily skin. Otherwise, a toner with witch hazel, a small percentage of salicylic acid or even hydrosols work amazing for the acne. You can simply use organic rose water too.

Some best toner in India for Oily Skin:

  • Organic rose water
  • Klairs toner
  • Green tea toner by Pure by Priyanka
  • Pixi beauty glow tonic
  • Benton Aloe BHA toner
Toner for Oily Skin

Step 4: Mask

Clay masks! Yes, you read it right! Clay masks work amazing for oily skin as it helps to absorb the oil and controls shine. It draws out the impurities and unclogs pores. This step in the skin care routine is not to be followed every day, just twice a week for that extra care that oily skin needs. Never underestimate the power of DIYs especially for facial care of oily skin beauties.

Here’s a natural clay mask for oily skin:

Take ½ tsp. of Multani mitti, neem powder, sandalwood powder & kaolin clay each. Mix some rose water & make a paste. Apply this evenly on the face and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Some best clay masks in India for oily skin:

  • Innisfree Volcanic Mask 2x
  • Loreal Pure Clay Mask
  • Healing Clay blends
  • blend it Raw beauty Pahadi Mud.
Clay mask for oily skin care routine

Step 5: Serums/ Exfoliators

You can apply vitamin c serums/retinol for the reduction of acne marks/Wrinkles or exfoliating serums like glycolic acid or BHA serums to get rid of the acne marks and dead skin.

Step 6: Moisturise

Do you feel that ‘I have enough oil on my face, why do I need any other moisture?’ If you think so, you are wrong!

Every skin needs moisturization, it’s just that dry skin needs a thick moisturizer and oily skin needs a lightweight or gel moisturizer. What people with oily skin do that, they tend to wash their faces a lot which dries out the skin, hence creating more oil to balance the pH level which eventually clogs the pores, leading to more acne.

Do not confuse hydration and your sebum or oil as a moisturizer. Look for a gel-based moisturizer or with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, squalane, etc. 

Some best moisturizers in India for oily skin:

  • Neutrogena hydro boost water gel
  • Suganda White Lotus Moisturiser
  • Ponds Super Light gel
  • Clinique Moisture Surge
  • Plum goodness green tea renewed Clarity night gel.

Care to be taken for oily skin:

Please make a habit of reading the ingredients every time you buy a skin care product. Any pore-clogging/comedogenic ingredient or heavy oils like coconut oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, petroleum jelly, and cocoa and Shea butter should be avoided. You can always check the comedogenic rating of any ingredient from the internet. Stay away from harsh scrubs too as they will disrupt the skin barrier which will eventually produce more oil.

You must plan a day in your daily skin care routine for taking steam to deeply clean your pores which is very beneficial for oily skin as this will help to get rid of the frequent breakouts and blackheads too. You can even add a few neem leaves because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to the boiling water to enhance its benefits. I have covered the basic daily skin care routine that can be followed religiously every day by an oily skin person for flawless acne-free skin.

Please feel free to ask any questions below. Always there to help!

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