Patanjali beauty products | Tried and tested final verdict

Patanjali products have taken the Indian market by storm! They’re popular because of their ayurvedic choice of ingredients and affordable pricing. From hair shampoos to scrubs, I’ve tried almost every Patanjali product out there. I still have mixed feels for some of them, but I’m fond of quite a few. I asked the girls in my team to do a little beauty experiment this week – pick any Patanjali product of their choice and tell us the pros and cons of the product. If you were in two minds about picking any of these products from Patanjali, our mini reviews will help you make the best choice.

1. Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel :

Patanjali aloe vera gel

There was a phase when everything at home was Patanjali. That phase has passed now, but there one product that mum still keeps handy – the aloe vera gel. She has used it for years and when I started getting allergies on my skin due to the sun, she sold the idea to me. I have been using it for a while now, every night after washing my face. Here’s what I think about it.


– Feels fresh on the face

– Good moisturiser

– Reduces tanning


– Dries up quickly

Price : 90/-

2. Patanjali Strawberry Lip Balm :

Patanjali strawberry lip balm


Being a lip balm junkie I have always gravitated to trying a lip balm regardless of the brand. This one’s price point was also super attractive. So I bought it.! It has a super watery texture and is super lightweight. The aroma is strawberry mixed with some herbal essences. It feels like a lip oil almost. It does seep into the lips rather quickly but I don’t see or feel a major difference.


– Lightweight

– Affordable price tag


– Not long lasting (doesn’t even last 40 mins)

– Not supremely moisturising.

Price : 90/-

3. Patanjali coconut Hair wash :

Patanjali coconut hair wash

This shampoo has a thick consistency and lathers into a creamy foam. It’s best for someone with dull and dry hair since it is quite moisturising. It didn’t leave my hair feeling too dry neither did it make my hair look amazing. I had to use it twice to make sure my hair was clean


– Smells pleasant

– Does not dry out your hair


– Doesn’t clean well

– Makes your hair greasy in 1 day

– Not suitable for people with an oily scalp.

Price : 95/-

4. Patanjali Rose face wash :

Patanjali rose face wash


Apart from this product’s gaudy packaging, I quite like the face wash! It smells like fresh roses and cleanses my skin really well. Packed with rose, neem and aloe, my skin feels smooth and looks radiant after each wash. I’ve been using it all week now and I can tell you that my skin’s texture has improved for the better. I love the fact that I wake up to clearer and softer skin every morning.


– It has a lovely fragrance

– suitable for dry and oily skin.

– Improves the texture of the skin

– Clears skin and makes it soft

– Affordable

– good product for acne-prone skin


– packaging needs improving

– fragrance fades away as soon you pat skin dry.

Price : 45/-

5. Patanjali Multani mitti pack :

Patanjali multani mitti pack

This multani mitti pack is the bomb! I’m obsessed with it because it makes my skin feel so good and fresh post application! It’s good for oily and normal skin types because it takes away all the oiliness, gunk and dirt from your pores and makes them squeaky clean! (Wouldn’t recommend a dry skin type though!)


– Good natural fragrance.

– Cheap price

– The best and the cheapest pack

– Removes oiliness and impurities leaves skin feeling fresh


– Packaging

– The fact that when you put on the pack it is too dry on the skin.

– A thinner layer of the pack, which might not give the best long-term results.

Price : 120/-

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