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Onion hair oil is the highly requested content since a past few days. Onions are known for treating baldness and hairf fall since many years in the ayurveda. Onion is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties, the use of onion for hair truly helps keeps hair loss at bay. Onion are very good at hair follicle nourishment and help restore lost nutrients to your scalp.Onion are rich in Sulphur, which is known to minimize breakage and thinning.
Around 70-80% people suffer from hair fall and hairloss, baldness, alopecia, etc. There are many reasons for hairfall,thinning of hair which may include stress, unhealthy diet, pollution, genetic reasons,vitamin deficiency etc. Why you are suffering from hair fall and how to stop it
Sometimes when you try out everything and nithing works then you just have to walk into your kitchen.

I will be showing you how to make Onion hair oil to fight hair fall, hair loss, baldness, hair thinning and help you grow longer and thicker hair. Please follow the order in which i have mentioned.

Onion hair oil

Things you will need to make Onion hair oil :

  • 1 cup curry leaves.
  • 1/2 cup henna leaves.
  • 5-6 red onions ( strickly the red ones not white onions; preferably use the small red onions over the large ones as they contain maximum amount of sulphur in it ).
  • 1/2 cup dried Amla ( indian gooseberry; you can also use the fresh amla ).
  • 1/2 cup fenugreek seeds ( methi seeds ).
  • 4-5 hibiscus flower ( this is optional only if you wish for thicker hair; you can also use the dried hibiscus/powder form ).
  • 200 ml sesame oil. ( Til ka tel ).
  • 200 ml coconut oil.

How to make the Onion hair oil :

  • Take a heavy bottom deep pan as the ingredients might form a foam at somepoint and try to come up.
  • Keep the heat at low to medium heat throughout the procedure.
  • Pour both the sesame oil and coconut oil in the pan and let them warm a bit.
  • Add fenugreek seeds, keep stiring the oil as it may come up.
  • Take the onions,peel and crush them roughly. Add onion to the oil. Keep stirring so it doesn’t burn. After 5 mins the color of the seeds and onions change.
  • Add dried amla. Keep stiring.
  • Add curry leaves and henna leaves. Stir well.
  • Lastly add the hibiscus flower.
  • Let all the herbs infuse for 6-10 mins. Keep the flame at the lowest.
  • Strain and Store it in a bottle,after it is completely cool down.

Onion hair oil


  • Do not put the flame on high heat. Keep the flame on low to medium flame throughout the procedure.
  • Add the herbs in the specific manner as given in the above procedure as least likely herbs which might burn are added first for maximum infusion in the oil.
  • Make sure you store the onion hair oil in a clean bottle. Even slightest of moisture can reduce the shelf life of the oil.
  • The onion hair oil will last up to 3 months in room temperature if kept away from moisture.

How to apply the Onion hair oil :

  • Pour the required quantity of onion hair oil in a seperate bowl. Do not dip your hands in it.
  • Massage the onion hair oil in the scalp and the length twice a week for best results.
  • Keep it overnight for best results. The onion hair oil might have a slight pungent smell due to the onions ,obviously, however it goes out after shampooing.

Benefits :

  • Onion juice is an effective remedy for alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition. If your hair loss is due to bacterial or fungal infections and free radical damage, the sulfur compounds and quercetin, an antioxidant, in onions can help. The sulfur can also strengthen your hair. Onions also spur the activity of your natural antioxidants against hydrogen peroxide that causes hair graying.Onion is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that help fight hair loss,due to inflammation, infections. Onions strengthen hair by boosting hair proteins. Onions are safer than anti-hair loss medicines.
  • Amla or indian gooseberry strengthens hair follicles, prevents premature graying, fights hairfall,hair loss. It prevent or treat dandruff and dry scalp.It prevent or treat parasitic hair and scalp infections, like lice infections.
  • Fenugreek seeds are natural solution to dandruff. Fenugreek seeds are effective in combating hair fall by strengthening and nourishing the hair roots. Fenugreek seeds contains nicotinic acid as well as proteins that stimulate hair growth.‘Lecithin’ contained in fenugreek seeds helps by imparting shine to your hair and also allows your tresses retain its natural colour. It efficiently treats problems related to sensitive scalp.It conditions hair naturally and improves the texture of your hair.
  • Henna improves hair growth. It reduces hair fall.Henna is a natural conditioner.
  • Curry leaves helps to strengthen the hair and scalp. Helps in preventing premature graying of hair.
  • Hibiscus is used for makin the hair  thick and long.

So this was my DIY Onion hair oil recipe for hair thickening, hair growth and prevents hair fall and hair loss. Please try this and let me know about your comments. Thankyou

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