How to use Vitamin E capsules for hairgrowth and reduce hair-fall | Evion 400mg hair oil

This is another hair oil recipe from my granny’s book of all her secret recipes. Many of you have heard about the immense benefits of vitamin e oil for skin and hair but rarely you find a good and 100% pure vitamin e oil in the market. Vitamin e has several amazing benefits for hair and skin. These range from the effect of vitamin E on the scalp to promote hair growth, to the reduction of inflammationWhen you apply vitamin E to your scalp, it helps reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles, and healthy follicles encourage hair growth.

So without going on with the lecture on the benefits of vitamin e oil.. I’ll be sharing with you the recipe of this DIY Vitamin E Oil recipe.

Ingredients :

  • 9-10 capsules of vitamin e capsules ( I use evion vitamin e 400mg capsules, easily available in any chemist shop).
  • 2-3 tbsp coconut oil.
  • 2-3 tbsp olive oil. (If olive oil is not available you can use pure almond oil or mustard oil also).
  • 1 tbsp castor oil.
  • 3-4 tbsp amla oil.
( All these oils are used for the blending of vitamin e oil, as they are extremely sticky. Make sure you use all pure oils by checking its contents at the back of the bottles. Addition of all these above oil increases its effectiveness ).

Method :

  • Prick all the vitamin e capsules with a pin in a glass bowl or any bowl.
  • Mix all the above oils into the vitamin e oil.
  • Mix all the oils very well with the help of a spoon.
  • As the oil is sticky you need to heat the oil with a double boiler method. ( Do not directly put the oil on the flame as direct heat catches fire to the oil or else it looses all its benefits.)
  • Keep stiring the oil for 2-3 minutes and make it lukewarm.
Store the oil in a bottle and add 1 tbsp kalonji to it (nigella seeds/onion seeds). This oil stays good for 3 months at room temperature.

Massage your scalp with this oil thrice a week for best results. Guys use this oil, and reap the benefits of vitamin E.

Benefits of vitamin e :

  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Improves scalp circulation.
  • Add shine.
  • Supports a healthy scalp.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Prevents itchy scalp.


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