Herbal Homemade Shampoo | DIY coconut shampoo for dry and frizzy hair

Shampoo is something which is necessary to cleanse our scalp and hair. The role of the shampoo is to only clean the dirt,oil which sticks to the scalp. Choosing the right shampoo is crucial for daily hair care; adapting our choice to our hair needs will help us prevent issues such as stinging or dermatitis.
The first problem is related to the large offer of available products, as not all of shampoos guarantee results promised on their labels and through advertising. Many of them, under the catchphrase “this is the solution for damaged hair”, they offer information that is not always correct for specific needs. This has lead to new trends on the rise such as the no-poo (no-shampoo) one, consisting in washing your hair without shampoo. This technique, however, lacks any scientific foundation that can proof its benefits.
So, today i’ll be sharing with you a DIY herbal shampoo which is best suitable for dry and frizzy hair. Even the people with oily scalp can use this. This shampoo contains 100% natural ingredients which has no side effects. You can also use this shampoo daily as it is sulphate-free and paraben-free shampoo.


  • 50 gms reetha ( soapnut ).
  • 100 gms Shikakai  (Acacia concinna).
  • 100 gms Amla ( indian gooseberry ).
  • A bunch of basil leaves ( tulsi).
  • Half Fresh coconut.


  • Firstly, you can use the reetha,shikaki and amla in the powder form also if the whole nut/pods/fruit are not available. Coconut has to be fresh. No powder or dry coconut will work here.
  • Now, if you are taking the whole reetha (soapnut), then simply crack open the shell of reetha and take the nut out of it. ( We don’t need the inner nut, only the outer shell is used ).
  • Take an iron vessel ( for more effective results ).
  • Soak the shikaki, amla and reetha in the iron vessel in 1 litre water overnight.
  • After soaking for 8-10 hours, the color of water changes and the ingredients become soft and tender.
  • Now, take a fresh half side of coconut and grate it or grind it.
  • Take a thick bottom pan to prepare the shampoo. (you can also use a pressure cooker,as it saves alot of time).
  • Add the amla,reetha and shikakai mixture.
  • Next goes the coconut and tulsi (basil) leaves along the stem.

Coconut adding to the shampoo preparation

  • Give it a nice stir and bring it to boil.

Shampoo preparation

  • The color of the mixture changes and it becomes thick in consistency. (if you are using a pressure cooker, bring to 3-4 whistles).
  • Squeeze the ingredients in the mixture with your hand once it is all cooled. This will help to extract maximum juice. The mixture becomes pulpy.

Squeezing the shampoo mixture

  • Now you have to strain the shampoo. ( You can also grind the mixture and then strain).

Shampoo l

  • And there you are done with the shampoo. Store this shampoo in a bottle.


This shampoo is mild and natural without the foaming agents hence it would not lather like your regular store bought shampoo. However, it is 100% natural shampoo and would not harm your hair. It is also suitable for babies though it should come in contact with the eyes as it is a mild shampoo.
This shampoo stays for good 10-12 days if kept in the refridgerator.


  • This shampoo is 100% natural with no side effects. This will help your hair grow like never before.
  • Reetha is a mild cleanser which cleans the dirt and oil making the hair clean and fresh. Reetha is also antibacterial and fights all the fungal activity going on in the scalp.
  • Shikakai is a wonder herb for the hair. It helps the hair grow and make it shiny.Shikakai is a great source of essential vitamins. Its vitamin C content, especially, helps promote hair growth by giving your scalp a collagen boost. It is also a great source of antioxidants that help prevent free-radical damage.
  • Amla also contains oodles of essential fatty acids, which strengthen hair follicles, giving your hair strength and luster. The surplus of vitamin C in avla can help halt pre-mature greying. It strengthens the scalp and hair,stimulates hair growth. Prevents or treats dry scalp.
  • Coconut helps in retaining moisture. If you live in a hot climate, the moisture in your hair is easily evaporated. As a result, dry, frizzy hair is very normal in these conditions. But using coconut protects this stripping away of essential moisture.Coconut  is a better conditioner than most of the chemical ones available from high end hair care brands. Coconut keeps your hair shiny and soft throughout the day and even later.
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So these was my DIY recipe of herbal shampoo for dry and frizzy hair. Please try and let me know about the results.

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