Coconut water benefits for skin and hair

Coconut water has infinite benefits. While we spend thousands of money on synthetic products we tend to overlook the advantages of the natural things around us, just like the benefits of coconut water.
An alternative to aerated beverages and sports drinks, coconut water, is low in calories, and delicious to boot! But, did you know that your favorite drink has some surprising benefits to offer?
Due to its extremely high nutrient content, it is used in various ways. From containing vitamins that regulate the blood pressure to maintaining the right pH in the body; benefits of coconut water is a never-ending list.
The coconut water also contains many bio-active enzymes that work wonders for our body’s digestive system and fat metabolism besides being great for our skin and hair health.
Coconut water is also called as nariyal pani in hindi.
Coconut ‘water’ is actually the juice present inside the endosperm (interior cavity) of the young (about 5-7 months old) and tender coconut. This clear liquid is sweet and sterile and contains various essential
compounds such as vitamins, minerals, sugars, electrolytes, amino acids, phytohormones, and cytokine.

Lets us the benefits of coconut water :

Coconut water

1) Coconut water is more hydrating than water.

The presence of electrolytes makes it a great re-hydrating agent, although plain water still serves to be the best. So whenever you are in fluid loss or thirsty you can just have a coconut water drink.
It is an effective hydrating agent and if taken in the right amounts, it has even got the power to heal stomach anomalies like indigestion.

2. Moisturizes Skin

The key to great skin is proper hydration. The sun, pollution, and harsh soaps can strip your skin of its natural moisture, and leave it dry. Applying coconut water is a great way to hydrate your skin
Coconut water is a great moisturizer for every skin type. It is lightweight, so it hydrates your skin without making it greasy.

3. Stimulates Hair Growth

The state of your hair often reflects the state of your overall health. Lack of certain nutrients can stunt hair growth or cause hair fall. Coconut water, a treasure trove of medicinal properties, helps provide nutrients that can help your hair grow.
Potassium is an element that is essential for hair growth. Coconut water stimulates hair growth because it is a rich source of potassium.

How To Use

Massaging coconut water into your scalp on a regular basis can help with hair growth.

4. Adds Shine to the hair

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to condition your hair and boost shine, you don’t need to look further than coconut water.
Coconut water infuses your hair with moisture and deep conditions it. It leaves your hair bouncier, glossier, and shinier.

Coconut water for shiny hair

How To Use

The best way to condition your hair with coconut water is to use it as a hair rinse.

5. Prevents Hair Loss

Finding strands of hair circling your hair brush can be quite a painful sight to watch. This is the stage that actually prompts you to act.
Thankfully, nature has a solution for every problem. And here, we are talking about the great coconut water.
This natural water can also help you address the serious issue of hair loss/alopecia by ensuring proper blood circulation in the scalp.
It enhances the density of the hair, further strengthening the hair follicles. This helps stop the bulk hair fall. So don’t forget to add coconut water to your daily routine for healthy and flowing hair.

6. Have skin benefiting effects

We all die for that perfectly radiating spot-free skin. While we hardly find something that befits our skin, coconut water distinctly serves for skin-bettering for all types.
Coconut water is composed of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that have the power to rectify the acne issues.
It levels the pH of your skin that regulates a proper hydration for the skin, thus keeping it moisturized.
And the presence of lauric acid in it makes it perfect for providing anti-ageing solutions for the skin.

7. Treats Damaged Hair

Chemically fried hair. Those who like to dye their hair would easily relate to this term. Here, your hair looks as if they have been robbed off their natural moisture making it fried and wiry. Definitely unappealing.
You can now make your red, brown, or even electric blue hair look natural with the help of coconut water. It helps tame the dry and frizzy hair without causing any more harm to the already damaged hair.

Coconut water for damaged hair

You will need :

  • 2 tbsp coconut water.
  • 1 tbsp yoghurt.

Method :

  • Mix the ingredients well and apply to your scalp for an hour. Wash it off with mild shampoo.

8. Controls Dandruff

Nobody likes a scaly, flaky, white scattered scalp. So it won’t be wrong to consider dandruff one of the most embarrassing conditions; especially when it is quite visible and you are wearing a dark shirt. Coconut water has immense benefits and one of these are anti-fungal properties.

You will need :

  • 10 tsp of coconut water.
  • 1/2 tbsp neem oil.

Method :

  • Mix the ingredients well and massage this pack on your scalp.
  • Leave for an hour and wash it off with mild shampoo.

9. Removes Sun Tan

Tired of using every brand available to lighten the dark tan marks? Why don’t you go natural for once?
Coconut water when mixed with fuller’s earth (multani mitti) makes the best tan-removal home remedy. Apply it on the affected area and let it dry before wiping it off with warm water. Use it thrice a week for two months and see it for yourself.

Coconut water for sun tan

10. Helps Reduce Acne

If acne is the bane of your existence, you have probably tried a number of ways to get rid of it. One ingredient that is easy to overlook is coconut water. Yes, your favorite summer beverage can double up as a treatment for acne.

Coconut water for acne

Make your own DIY coconut water toner.

You will need :

  • 1/2 cup coconut water.
  • 1 tsp honey.

Method :

  • Mix the ingredients well.
  • Dab the mixture with a cotton ball on your acne. Leave for 10-15 mins.
  • N wipe off with wet cloth./wipes.

As i said the list of coconut water benefits is never ending. I will list more benefits of coconut water below.

  1. Promotes cardiovascular health.
  2. Improves lipid metabolism.
  3. Prevents kidney stones.
  4. Aids digestion.
  5. Prevents and treats dehydration.
  6. Helps with muscle cramps.
  7. Strengthen bones.
  8. Reduces bloating.
  9. Aids weightloss.
  10. Helps with diabetes.
  11. Lowere blood pressure.
  12. Treats diarrhea.
  13. Acts as a detoxifier.
  14. Cures hangovers.
  15. Provides instant energy.
  16. Cures headaches.
  17. Boosts memory.
  18. Boosts immunity.
  19. In eye health problems.
  20. Treats Alzheimer’s.
  21. Cures insomnia.
  22. Relives stress.
  23. Treats Gallstones.
  24. Good for babies.
  25. Treats constipation.
  26. Good for pregnant women.

Coconut water

Hussh.. as i said the list is never ending. I hope you understood the benefits of coconut water,for more queries or suggestions please write in the comment section below.




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