List of best face wash for oily skin of 2020

Best face wash for oily skin 2020

Finding the best face wash for oily skin is always a trouble, at least for me! I have struggled all my teenage life in finding a face wash for my oily acne prone skin until I stumbled upon a few of these which I am going to share with you all. The thumb rule of … Read more

A simple daily skin care routine for oily skin

Daily skin care routine for oily skin

Oily skin is because of a lot of factors like your genes, stress, environmental conditions, your lifestyle and diet you follow to name a few. Lucky are those who are blessed with normal skin, unfortunately, there are a few people with oily skin but do not worry, with some extra care and love, you will … Read more

Mastering the art of Double Cleansing for a flawless skin

double cleansing

Skincare routine is a daily ritual. One doesn’t simply get flawless skin overnight but keep in mind your daily skincare routine need not have to be of multiple steps (especially because of social media influencers pressure) involving too many skincare products. Just a few right steps in your morning skincare routine and night skincare routine … Read more

All you need to know about AHA & BHA


Admit it first that you cannot get a glass skin without proper exfoliation. Exfoliation has become an important step in your daily skincare routine and they have got beyond physical scrubs. Two such chemical exfoliants that are ruling the skincare routine (AHA and BHA) and if you aren’t using them already, you are missing out … Read more

Best Sunscreen in India for all skin types (2019)

best sunscreen

We have known about the dangers of the sun, but did you know skin cancer is the most common and dangerous effect on our body by the sun. Summer season arrives and we all rush to the nearest medical store to grab a sunscreen lotion. However, applying sunscreen should be a regular habit irrespective of summer. Why … Read more

Home Remedy for Lightening Private Parts

vagina whitening

One of the most embarrassing beauty problems faced by women in her entire life is the dark private areas, especially if she is soon to get married. The intimate areas (refers to underarms and vagina) tend to get darker and the colour difference is quite visible. This can happen due to friction, rashes, tight and … Read more

Just 1 Remedy to Grow thick Eyelashes

eyelashes growth

Everyone dreams of those ‘fairy eyes’ with long eyelashes. I love having long lashes and if I can get them without using the toxic glues needed for fake eyelashes (that often fall off) or chemicals in store bought mascaras, that’s perfect! Natural is always the best way and you can look very pretty and natural by … Read more

Proven and Effective ways to lighten dark neck

dark neck

A glowing face and a dark, tanned neck – definitely not a good combo! We pamper our face with regular facials and massage treatments at the salon. Nevertheless, we don’t get enough care enough of our neck. And, as a consequence, it gets dull and pigmented. We tend to brush off our neck while cleansing … Read more