10 Facts About Vagina I Bet You Didnt Know!

Vagina Facts are something every lady,every girl must know. Everyone has the right to get to know about their bodyparts and have basic knowlegde about them. So let us see the 10 facts about vagina every woman should know and understand : 1) VAGINAL STEAMING : Vaginal steaming, also called as ‘V-steaming’ is a practice … Read more

Fight Anaemia With Pomegranates | Iron Deficiency & Anemia

How Pomegranates Help You Win Against Anaemia..?? According to a report, more than half Indian women and about 3/4th Indian children suffer from Anaemia. What is startling in the data available is not how widespread the disease is but that it has nothing to do with one’s socio-economic status and is found across all sections … Read more

How To Increase Your Physical Stamina and Strength!! Here Are 12 Effective Ways To Treat

Stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. Though this word is mainly associated with physical activities, it may refer to mental exertions too. Physical stamina is more commonly meant when we refer to ‘stamina’. But, it is also linked with endurance. Endurance is something that lets you face the exertion for … Read more

5 Hip Thrust Exercises For A Toned And Strong Butt

Do you have pain in your knees or lower back? And have you been squatting and lunging, only to make the situation worse? Well, then, you must try these hip thrust exercises. They are THE ULTIMATE glute-strengthening exercises that help restructure the glutes, making your butt rounder, firmer, and stronger. This, in turn, reduces hip … Read more

8 Amazing Ways To Do Sit-Ups To Get A Flat Tummy

Are you tired of holding your breath and pulling your tummy in everytime you try a dress on? Or every time a cute guy passes by (wink)? Then, you’ve got to do sit-ups! Because a flat tummy is always in trend. It also speaks volumes about your health and protects you from various obesity-related diseases. … Read more

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Evening Walk

When was the last time you went out for an evening stroll? Hard to recollect? You are not the only one! Nowadays, not a lot of people remember the importance of a simple exercise like walking. People have become lazy and it is no wonder that they, both young and old, have so many health … Read more

4 Amazing Benefits Of Duck Walk Exercise

Have you ever heard of duck walk exercise when it comes to the strengthening of muscles? It is a strength training exercise that targets the muscles of buttocks and thighs. Though they are not common, they are quite effective just like lunges and squats. With a focus on thighs and glutes, this exercise firms them … Read more

Is Running Outside Really Better Than Miles on the Treadmill?

It’s a debate that’s been going on for years: Is it better to run on the treadmill or stick to the great outdoors? While there are some people who will defend one side over the other with cult-like loyalty, most runners have finally realized that both indoor and outdoor exercise are critical to a well-rounded routine. “It’s … Read more