DIY Hair Tonic | 1 Month Hair challenge -110% Results

Hair fall is a common health disorder that people experience at least once in their lives. Every second person you come across might be suffering from one or another type of hair problem. While one may be dejected with acute hair loss, the other one may be trying to trigger dull and frizzy hair. In … Read more


If you want shiny, gorgeous hair—and, really, who doesn’t?—then you should pay close attention to how you treat your strands. How you wash, dry, and style can seriously affect the health and appearance of your locks. Are you making these hair care mistakes? Lets see the hair care mistakes we do everyday.. Haircare mistakes #1 … Read more

Silky Hair Hacks To Make Your Hair Extremely Soft

Shiny, silky hair needs no introduction. You either have it or you don’t. I used to have soft locks until I started experimenting with different hair products and styling tools. Oh, boy! Everything about my hair started going downhill from there. Every morning I’d wake up to dull, frizzy hair. My locks lost their shine … Read more

Magical protein treatment for hair | natural long and thick hair

Protein treatments to promote healthy hair growth are misunderstood. It’s logical to assume that because hair is made of proteins (keratin), applying topical protein treatments will help strengthen hair. A diet rich in protein or a complete hair growth supplement is the only way to nourish hair strands with protein from within. However, topical protein treatments … Read more

Two ancient herbal homemade hair packs for long hair & fight hair fall

Hair fall sucks. It is heart wrenching to see chunks of hair falling out while combing the hair, having shower, on the pillow covers etc. But you’ll be happy to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and ayurvedic remedies can help you get to that light sooner. Ayurvedic remedies are … Read more

Onion juice for extreme hair growth and stop hair fall completely

Onion juice is an excellent remedy for hair growth. Onion juice not only helps in growing your hair but it stops hair fall completely because of its high sulphur content.Growing your hair is a task and an excruciatingly long one at that. With the amount of time your hair takes to grow, and the trims … Read more

How to stop hair fall naturally | Effective methods to treat hair loss

Hair loss happens for many different reasons, and not all of them are related to aging. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can prevent excessive hair loss without resorting to expensive products and prescriptions. METHODs : Using Topical Treatments at Home : 1. Use essential oils combined with a scalp massage. Massage promotes good circulation … Read more

Hair mask to make your hair long,strong and control hair fall

Hair mask are amazing especially when you peep into the kitchen for some natural stuffs for your hair.Hairgrowth is not something which will happen overnight. Proper and healthy hair growth requires time.Want to grow out a haircut you hate or try to achieve an ass-grazing length? Read on. Here is one simple and easy DIY … Read more

Miracle hair mask for hairgrowth,thickness and dandruff problems

I call this recipe Miracle Hair Mask because it helps with so many hair issues. It’s also one of the most popular hair masks with the Indian women, because of its amazing beauty and healing effects. Benefits of Miracle Hair Mask Reduces hair loss Prevents dandruff and promotes healthy scalp Encourages faster hair growth Moisturises … Read more

Ginger Hair Oil for Extreme Hair Growth | Promote hair growth

The term “extreme hair growth” can be misleading, but the ideas behind these hair mask recipes for extremely fast hair growth are usually solid. Unfortunately, the actual recipes are a bit ridiculous. They usually call for you to make a concoction with kitchen supplies, and let your hair soak in it for hours. It’s true that … Read more