protein treatment for hair

Everyone dreams of having long and thick hair but due to excess humidity in the air, we’ve all experienced a moment where our went all Hermione Granger. Jokes apart! Frizzy hair is a highly unfortunate thing, yet very common hair struggle amongst many girls. What is Protein Treatment? Protein treatment for hair is a temporary … Read more

Apply This On Your Hair And They Will Never Turn White

white hair

One of the most vexing outcomes of modern lifestyle is white hair. Nothing matches the dread you feel at the appearance of your first white strand. You recognise that there will be more to follow, and you look for whir hair home remedies and white hair treatments that might halt the inevitable. And here, we … Read more

Baking Soda Shampoo – Why & How to use

baking soda shampoo

Baking soda is awesome for so many different things. Many of us have heard about baking soda for hair growth. If you’re tired of forking over big bucks for commercial shampoos with questionable elements, there’s an easy choice. Grab just two ingredients from your kitchen and make your baking soda shampoo for hair growth. We … Read more

Silky Hair Home Remedies You Shouldn’t Miss to Read

silky hair home remedies

Everyone dreams of having silky smooth hair especially it is hard not to feel jealous when you see someone with long and luscious locks. Frizzy, unmanageable hair are very common in almost all the adults thanks to the pollution, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle etc. This article talks about silky hair home remedies which … Read more

Get Rid Of Dandruff with this Remedy in One Wash

Dandruff Remedy for 100% Dandruff cure What is Dandruff ? Dandruff is a common skin condition that causes white or grey flakes of skin to appear on the scalp and in the hair – definition of dandruff. This article will guide you with a simple dandruff remedy which will cure the dandruff in ONE WASH.   … Read more

Greasy Hair And Split Ends Ultimate Remedy

Most of the women around the world experience this hair condition. Our scalp tends to get sticky and greasy a day or two after getting a wash but the hair ends stay brittle, dry and split. This only makes matters much worse! This can quite easily be balanced by maintaining a proper hair care routine for this … Read more

Hair Smoothing Vs Hair Straightning | All You Need To Know

Frizz is not easy to manage. Especially when you have beautiful curls that poof up as soon as you take a brush to them. While a solid hair care routine does help to some extent, not everyone finds enough time to pamper their hair with oil massages and hair masks. That is why there are … Read more

DIY Hair Tonic | 1 Month Hair challenge -110% Results

Hair fall is a common health disorder that people experience at least once in their lives. Every second person you come across might be suffering from one or another type of hair problem. While one may be dejected with acute hair loss, the other one may be trying to trigger dull and frizzy hair. In … Read more


If you want shiny, gorgeous hair—and, really, who doesn’t?—then you should pay close attention to how you treat your strands. How you wash, dry, and style can seriously affect the health and appearance of your locks. Are you making these hair care mistakes? Lets see the hair care mistakes we do everyday.. Haircare mistakes #1 … Read more