Winter Skincare Tips Every Woman Should Know

Winter season comes with a lot of troubles especially for the skin. Who doesn’t love Winter holidays but what cold weather does to your skin is terrible. From dry skin to flaky lips and Dry hair/split ends to cracked heels, Winter does a lot to your skin.This article talks about few winter skincare tips everyone … Read more

8 Reasons To Do A Facial Bleach | Point 6 Will Shock You!

facial bleach

Does your skin suffers from burning sensation or get red as a ‘tomato’ after a facial bleach ? Does people with acne-prone skin should bleach or not ? Is using facial bleach that compulsory ? If all these questions are giving you a headache or are as confusing as a man trying to understand a … Read more

Homemade Hair Removal Wax | No Wax, No Strips

Homemade Hair Removal Wax ?? Is that even possible.? Yes.! Many of us have extreme hair growth on our hands, legs etc. But due to today’s lifestyle,many end up missing their Parlour/Salon appointments. Do not worry! I have come up with a solution to all your problems. No razor shaving, No hair removal darkening creams.This homemade … Read more

The Most Perfect & Easiest Way To Apply Red lipstick

Red lipstick is undoubtedly the real deal, and a red pout is the quintessential sexy look. This irreplaceable item has been a staple in our makeup bags since time immemorial. A swipe of it can instantly glam you up, and yes, it’s also universally flattering. Even Rihanna and Taylor Swift can’t stop singing about red … Read more

Pedicure Under Rs.20/- | Pamper Your Feet At Home Now

Regular pedicures can make your feet look flawless! Did you know that your feet can tell a lot about you? It goes without saying that well-groomed feet are the mark of a proud and confident woman, and the opposite is not. But guess what? You don’t have to spend time and money to get beautiful feet; … Read more

Simple fishtail braid tutorial | step by step guide with pictures

Summer is fast approaching and we are starting to get all sweaty. What better way to flaunt your hair by tying it up than with a fishtail braid? This is a perfect way to pull your hair back and get some relief, and look classy and elegant. All you need to do is follow a … Read more

Patanjali beauty products | Tried and tested final verdict

Patanjali products have taken the Indian market by storm! They’re popular because of their ayurvedic choice of ingredients and affordable pricing. From hair shampoos to scrubs, I’ve tried almost every Patanjali product out there. I still have mixed feels for some of them, but I’m fond of quite a few. I asked the girls in my team … Read more

5 Red lipsticks for Indian skin tone

Red lipsticks are a rage these days. From Angelina Jolie to Sonam Kapoor, they all love to show off the sexy red pout. This lip color never goes out of trend. It’s always on fire. From a teen to a young and mature lady, everyone enjoys wearing red lipstick on certain occasions if not on a … Read more

Top 5 Red Lipsticks under Rs.500 | Affordable Red Lipsticks

Red lipsticks are a must if you are makeup-junkie. But the task of finding a red lipstick that suits your pocket is very difficult. There are so many brands of lipsticks all over the world but some are just do expensive to burn a hole in your pocket. The perfect red lipstick is an essential … Read more