Almond Oil benefits for hair, skin, nails and health

Almond oil has been my favourite hair product since my school days! Each time I got home after a long, tiring day at class, my mother would reward me with a relaxing champi session. This oil treatment benefited my hair immensely. I now have thick and strong curls only because of using almond oil. My journey with this oil doesn’t just end there! During my initial years in college, I started using almond oil not only on my mane, but on my skin as well. Trust me, there was no turning back after. The oil is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, potassium, zinc and fatty acids (which is why I love it!) If reading this got you tempted to try the oil out, you certainly must have no second thoughts!

I remember my mother running behind me with a glass of milk with a few soaked almonds (which I completely hated, by the way) just before school, claiming it would make me a genius. Now, when I look back, I wished I had paid heed. Wonder why? Well, they are a powerhouse of nutrients.

But did you know that almond oil too has its share of benefits? From aiding weight loss and digestion to making your skin acne-free, almond oil can prove to be a boon for your health. Learn about the benefits, and you will vouch for it yourself.

Here are benefits of using almond oil.

What is almond oil?

This amazing oil is extracted from raw almonds. It owes its benefits to the generous amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, proteins, zinc, and a number of other vitamins and minerals it contains.

1. Almond oil Removes Dark Circles Like A Pro!

When you’re sleep deprived, the tiredness shows in your eyes. Instead of using eye creams, a quick fix would be using almond oil .It’ll not only get rid of the dark circles, but also reduce puffiness around eyes as well. All you’ve got to do is apply a few drops of almond oil over the dark circles and gently massage the area. In a couple of minutes, the skin around your eyes will start to look and feel fresh.

2. Almond oil Controls Hair Loss

Almond oil for hair fall

The ugly truth is that every day we lose hundreds of hair strands. However, this does not completely affect the hair volume, because the new hair growth, replaces the old one. However, if you’re starting to shed a lot of strands, then it’s probably to do with stress, environmental pollutants, nutritional deficiencies or a hormonal imbalance. The solution to all the above is almond oil. Packed with calcium, magnesium and zinc, your hair is bound to get all the nourishment it deserves. Every time you have a head bath, make sure to massage your scalp with a tablespoon of warm almond oil after. This beauty routine will keep your mane healthy.

3. It Makes Your Nails Strong

Almond oil for strong nails

For longer, stronger nails, almond oil is your go-to product. It’s perfect for healing brittle and chipped nails as it is rich in zinc, B-complex vitamins and iron. Each time you clip your nails or remove your nail paint, apply some almond oil on your cuticles. Doing this once every day will improve the growth and health of your nails.

4. It Makes Your Hair Long & Shiny

Almond oil for long and shiny hair

You know why almond oil is amazing? Simply because both, your scalp and hair shaft can benefit from it! Sometimes, using shampoos can strip the hair of its natural oils. This can take a toll on your mane by causing breakages and split-ends. That’s when you need almond oil to save the day! It restores the protective oil layer and improves the texture of your locks. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

5. It Prevents Premature Ageing

If you have smooth and supple skin, you’ll have to thank a protein called collagen for it! Collagen works like a protective padding under your skin and shields it from environmental stressors and sun exposure. If your body is low on collagen, your skin can look wrinkled and old. Almond oil can help you reverse any early signs of ageing. It’s rich in amino acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants that help repair the damage done to the collagen layer. Simply apply some oil to your face and leave it on overnight. You’ll wake up to a smoother complexion in the morning.

6. It Heals Burns & Rashes

You’ll have to blame the unpredictable weather and pollution for the rashes and burns on your skin. Sometimes, your fabric and diet too could be guilty of damaging your skin. Instead of using medicated creams and other skincare products, use almond oil. It’s free from chemicals and is gentle on the skin. Plus, it contains zinc and other nutrients that help soothe and heal skin.

7. It Removes Make-Up With Ease

Almond oil for removing makeup

There’s no need to use a make-up remover when you have almond oil lying around on your bathroom shelf. One good reason to use this baby to cleanse your skin is that it’s light and less greasy. It opens skin pores and removes the gunk without leaving your skin feeling dry and flaky. On the other hand, it’ll keep your skin moist, supple and hydrated.

8. It Helps Add Volume To Your Lashes

Almond oil for lashes

A natural way to add volume to your lashes is to apply almond oil on them. Why it works, you ask? Simply because it provides nourishment and strength to your lashes. Use an old mascara wand and dip it into a bottle of almond oil. Gently groom your lashes with the curler and there you have it! Smoother, longer lashes for the win!

9. It Does Away With Stretch Marks

Almond oil for stretch marks

Believe it or not, but this oil has emollient properties. Using it on your skin daily can tighten skin and promote blood circulation. This helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Twice a day, apply some almond oil over your stretch marks and massage your skin in a circular motion. You’ll be able to see the first sign of results in a month’s time.

10. Delays Signs Of Aging

Almond oil for ageing

Sagging skin. Baggy eyes. Dullness. These words are an absolute horror for us girls. Remember the spooky story of a queen bathing in the blood of young women to lock her youth forever? No, I’m not asking you to take such drastic measures. You don’t need to, especially when you have the elixir of youth handy.

Trust me, regular application of almond oil on your skin makes your skin feel younger makes your skinand fresher within no time. The vitamin E and fatty acids present in this oil reverse and prevent signs of aging.

11. Reduces Sun Tan

The blazing rays of the sun can cause sunburn and tan lines, which can adversely affect your skin.

But did you know that almond oil acts as a natural sunscreen. It has an SPF 5, and it not only prevents tan and sunburn, but also reverses the effects of the sun.

12. Treats Chapped Lips

Soft, pink lips can be yours too, courtesy almond oil.

Almond oil’s rich vitamin content and moisturizing properties can make your lips soft and pink. Every time your lips feel rough and chapped, you can just dab on on a little almond oil, and you will be good to go.

13. Long And Healthy Hair

Regular use of almond oil on the hair improves its sheen and texture.

A rich source of magnesium, almond oil prevents hair fall to a great extent. No wonder it is used in a wide range of hair care products!

What You Need To Do

Apply almond oil once or twice a week to moisturize your scalp. After you massage your scalp, soak a towel in hot water and wrap it around your head. This will reduce hair fall and improve hair quality.

14. Gets Rid Of Split Ends

Almond oil for split ends

Unhealthy hair is never a good sign. But the dirt and pollution, along with our busy schedules, make it worse. Regular massage of hair with this oil can prevent split ends too.

Mix almond, castor, and olive oils in equal proportions and massage your hair with this mixture. Apply it once or twice a week, and feel the difference.Almond oil specifically has antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals that restore and rejuvenate the hair follicles.

15. Almond oil Can Substitute Shine Enhancers And Leave-In Conditioners

Every time you wash your hair, you could gently massage in a few drops of this miracle oil. It will condition your hair and keep it soft, hydrated, and shiny.

Almond oil’s light texture makes it a great substitute for shine enhancers or leave-in conditioners.It also has amazing moisturizing properties due to the presence of essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

16. Prevents Heart Ailments

Almond oil is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids. These fats boost heart health and prevent cardiovascular diseases.Sweet almond oil is rich in folic acid, unsaturated fats, protein, and potassium – all these have been proven to be beneficial to cardiac health.

17. Regulates Blood Pressure And Maintains Cholesterol Levels

Almond oil helps keep Type 2 Diabetes at bay, restores liver health and maintains a healthy heart.It also regulates blood pressure and maintains the cholesterol levels. Impressive, isn’t it?

Almond oil is high in potassium and low in sodium, which can help prevent cardiac problems .

18. Boosts Immunity And Aids Digestion

Regular consumption of almond oil makes the body stronger and helps it fight common infections. It also proves to be an effective laxative and aids digestion.

Almond oil can also loosen stools, ensuring better cleansing of the system. Now you know why it is used as a salad dressing!

19. Enhances Blood Circulation And Baby’s Bone Development

Almond oil is a great source of vitamin Dthat is required for the absorption of calcium in the body. And obviously, calcium is extremely vital for a newborn, as its bones need to develop and strengthen.

Massaging a baby’s joints with almond oil improves blood circulation and prevents skin problems.

20. Rich Source Of Vitamins And Minerals

There is a reason almond oil has hit kitchen shelves across the globe.

Almond oil is high in flavor and a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins E and D are found in great quantities in sweet almond oil, making it integral to healthy living.

21. Aids Weight Loss

Adding a few drops of almond oil to your glass of warm milk can help you shed a few kilos within no time.

Almond is rich in monounsaturated fats that speed up metabolism, eventually leading to weight loss.

22. Almond oil Treats Constipation

Almond oil acts as a laxative.

For best results, add a few drops of this oil to warm water and drink it twice a day. The drink cleanses your stomach, ensuring you have no troubles related to the digestive system.

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