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8 Reasons To Do A Facial Bleach | Point 6 Will Shock You!

Does your skin suffers from burning sensation or get red as a ‘tomato’ after a facial bleach ?

Does people with acne-prone skin should bleach or not ?

Is using facial bleach that compulsory ?

If all these questions are giving you a headache or are as confusing as a man trying to understand a woman (kidding) then you have landed at the right place..

This articles clears all your questions regarding the benefits, application & side effects as well as care to be taken after a good facial bleach.

lets start..

1) What is a facial bleach ?

facial bleach

Bleach lightens our hair colour. Most of you think that bleach makes them look fairer which a Complete lie. Bleach changes our changes our facial hair to golden colour which makes our facial hair less noticeable.

2) Should we prefer using bleach ?

Most of us prefer waxing to remove facial hair like threading, brazilian waxing etc.which is painful at times to the people with sensitive skin. Here, you can use facial bleach over waxing which lightens your dark hair and makes your skin even tone.

3) Is it safe to apply bleach ?

AVOID bleach if you have acne prone skin or very sensitive skin because it might increase your facial skin problems.

Some people prefer waxing to to remove facial hair or back hair like threading, Brazilian waxing etc. and end up getting tiny acne or pimples due to waxing. This category people can use Bleach to avoid getting tiny pimples due to waxing.

4) Does facial bleach will burn the face ?

Always do a patch test before applying facial bleach on your face.

5) How to do a patch test ?

facial bleach

  • Apply a small quantity of bleach on your hand or below the ear area on the neck.
  • If it irritates your skin that means bleach doesn’t suit your skin.
  • If it doesn’t irritates you can easily use that bleach on your skin.

6) What is the right method to apply bleach ?

  • The very first thing, do not compromise with the quality just to save some money.
  • Check the expiry date of the bleach.


  • Wash your face properly with a face wash to remove any dirt,oil etc on the skin.
  • Pat dry your face with a clean towel. Make sure your skin doesn’t remain wet.
  • Now, Mix the bleach and activator in a bowl strictly as per the quantity mentioned on the packaging.
  • Mix both the products well.
  • Apply it on the face with a spatula or synthetic brush.
  • Avoid applying in on eyes and lips.
  • Usually, the bleach is kept on for 10-15 minutes so after that remove the bleach with the help of a spatula.
  • Rinse our face with clean water.
  • Afterwards, Pat dry your face and apply any moisturiser.


7) Should i use bleach if i suffer from acne ?

facial bleach

Never! Do not use bleach if you have active acne on your face as it may spread the infection even more OR it may worsen the acne problem.

8) How many times should i bleach ?

facial bleach

Facial bleach should be done once in a month and then gradually decrease its frequency. Also, it depends upon your facial hair growth.

After Care of Facial bleach :

  • Avoid washing your face with hot water for 7-8 hours after the treatment.
  • Stay out of the direct sunlight for 10-12 hours as you skin will get black. Therefore, it is advisable to apply facial bleach in the evening.
  • This doesn’t end here. Always apply a good sunscreen to protect your skin.


I hope it is very clear about the uses and safety measures before and after applying a facial bleach. Please try out the above method and write to us about your experience.

Thank you.

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