Have you been struggling to lose weight for a long time now and can see no result? You spend lots of money and time, only to still have that unappealing belly hanging from your body – and that’s painful, isn’t it? What if there are a few tips that can help you reduce a pound a day and make you a head-turner in your circle! That would be great, right?
Then this article is the right one for you! Here are a few simple tips and tricks on how to lose a pound per day that can greatly help you. Go ahead and give a read!

1. The Logistics:

You need to do the math first before embarking on this journey. In order to lose a pound a day, you will need to burn close to 3,000 calories daily. This can be calculated by taking into account your weight and how active you are. If you consume 1000 calories a day, you will be required to burn 3000 calories additionally to lose a pound.

2. Cut Down On The Calories:

You will be required to restrict your calorie intake between 800 and 1,200 calories daily as per your weight and the number of times a day you exercise. Also, eat smaller portions (5 small meals a day) while consuming veggies like lettuce and broccoli. For protein, eat fish, chicken and tofu, among others.

3. Aerobic Exercise:

In order to burn a pound a day, you will need to incorporate aerobic exercise in your routine. Some calorie-burning exercises include:
Boxing – you will burn up to 600-800 calories per hour.
Swimming – you will exhaust close to 500 – 600 calories per hour.
Running – prepare to burn 800 calories in an hour by running a mile for 8 minutes.

4. Drink A Lot Of Water:

Drinking water will keep you replenished all day long while also keeping you full. Around 9-10 glasses of water should be enough to lose a pound a day. Add lime or lemon to make it tasty.

5. Gum:

Chewing gum at least twice a day will help suppress your appetite. Also, it helps you burn calories while keeping your jawbone steady and strong.

6. The 7.30 pm Deadline:

Since metabolism slows done drastically when you sleep at night, you will need to give yourself time for digestion. Keep to a 7.30 pm deadline for food to ensure that you can sleep at around 10.00 pm – enough time for digestion.

7. Ginger Root Tea:

After dinner, have some ginger tea by boiling a ginger root. This concoction will help in digestion while keeping energy levels up. You can also add some chopped ginger to your salad at dinner.

8. Stay Busy:

Read a book or take a long bubble bath if you ever feel the need to snack an hour after dinner. This is because an activity will help suppress your hunger pangs.

This step-by-step guide is sure to help you lose a pound a day. But always remember, this should only be done for 5-7 days. If you stretch this too far, your body might get into starvation mode. This will again result in weight gain.

It always makes more sense to set a realistic target and gradually achieve it. Unrealistic targets will not only result in failure, they also demotivate you and bring down your determination too. If at any point, you feel low, consult your physician immediately. It is highly advised to take up this diet to lose a pound a day under the supervision of a dietician and a doctor.