Pampering your skin is something which we all love but hardly get any time to do due to this busy schedule. All we want this that polish, silky and smooth skin just like the Bollywood celebrities but spending money on such heavy treatment is a pinch to our pocket. I am sharing with you two amazing secrets that are supernatural and easily available in your kitchen.

STEP 1: MIRACLE DRINK ( Food for Glowing skin)

This drink in the long run helps to prevent cancer and Also, increases your metabolism and makes your undertones super pink and super cute.


1) 1 beetroot.
2) 2 carrots.
3) 1 apple.


1) Blend the above three ingredients with some water as it would be very pulpy if blended as it is.
2) Have it fresh as soon as you blend it rather than stocking it for days.
3) Have this miracle drink everyday when you get up.

glowing skin secrets


Oatmeal is the best cleanser, Also high in antioxidants. It protects your skin from free radicals. If you tend to have itchy or dry skin or any kind of pigmentation, trust me this oatmeal mask is gonna treat them forever. Also if you have acne problem or acne prone skin, this mask is beneficial for you too,your acne problem would be forever solved plus it will reduce your scars too.


1) 2 tbsp oats ( unflavoured).
2) 1 tbsp honey.
3) quarter cup milk.
4) little water (if needed).

glowing skin secrets


1) Mix oats, honey, and milk and form a semi-thick paste. It shouldn’t be too thick nor too runny.
2) Apply it on your face and neck area with both the hands in a circular and upward motion.
3) Leave it for 20 mins and wash it off with lukewarm water.
4) Repeat every alternate day.

As soon as you wash your face, you will notice an instant glow on your face. As a result of this, you will be left with a glowing, moisturized and super cute skin. These were the glowing skin secrets of many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities.
So try out this skincare routine and make heads turn..!!

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