10 Facts About Vagina I Bet You Didnt Know!

Vagina Facts are something every lady,every girl must know. Everyone has the right to get to know about their bodyparts and have basic knowlegde about them.

So let us see the 10 facts about vagina every woman should know and understand :



Vaginal steaming, also called as ‘V-steaming’ is a practice of cleaning the vagina and making it stronger. Also, it helps to relieve stress, tension, depression, any kind of vaginal or urinal infection, fatigue and digestive issues. However, there are no scientific proofs.

What is Vaginal Steaming ?

The above picture is the method of Vaginal Steaming.

In Vaginal steaming, there is a chair with a hole in the centre. Below the chair, a steaming water bath is been places to which certain herbs are added. It is an alternative health treatment whereby a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, wormwood, and basil.

This vaginal steaming is mostly practiced is Africa, Asia (thailand, indonesia) and Central America. Many high end salons in America provides this service. It is also believed to cure the problem of infertility, menstrual pain etc.

However, if you want to try this vaginal steaming treatment, please consult your doctor first. Also, you get this kit available on Amazon.com


What is Vaginal fart ?

First of all, Vaginal fart has nothing to do with the release of gas from the bowels through the bottom (anus) after the digestion process.

Vaginal fart is the passage or expulsion of gas or air through the vagina. This happens when air gets accumulated in the vagina. When air passes through vaginal canal, this sound is called as vaginal fart. This is odourless.

It is completely natural for any woman to go through this. Once in a lifetime every woman goes through this.

Note : Vaginal fart does not mean you are suffering through any disease, infection, etc.


The third and the most important fact about vagina is that vagina has a self cleaning property from inside which releases out as a form of white discharge.

When your white discharge is thick and clear or mucus like consistency that means you are extremely fertile during those days.


This is one of the biggest myth, especially in India, that every girl has hymen. No..!! It is extremely saddening that a girl’s virginity is judged with her hymen.

First of all, it is not neccessary that every girl is born with hymen. Also, hymen comes in different sizes like thin, thick etc. One cannot check someone’s hymen through finger test. Also, virginity has nothing to do with hymen.


This is mostly for the married woman. During intercourse the constant feeling to pee even after you have visited the loo. This is very common to happen during intercourse and it neccessarily does not mean you want to pee. This is perfectly normal.


Ladies, your vagina will itself tell you whether it is not well or suffering from any kind of disease.

How to detect this ?

When your vagina is not well, it will automatically tell you through its white discharge.

Whenever you notice your white discharge in some other colour like red, grey, blackish brown. Also it smells differently from the regular smell.


NOTE : Do not try any home remedies here. The only person who can help you out with this is your gynecologist.


HAHA..!  As the tittle says , many woman are scared of things getting lost in the vagina like tampons, pads, menstrual cup, condom etc. cannot get lost inside the vagina.

As vagina ends at the cervix area. Hence, any substance to pass through the cervix should be of nano size. So, do not panic using tampons or menstrual cup. However, always read its precautionary measures.


READ ABOUT THIS FACT. Recently, i came across this news of a girl inserted a potato into her vagina because her Mom advised her this to avoid pregnancy. That resulted in heavy disaster for her.

I know this is shocking..

Ladies, the only way you can avoid pregnancy is but using condom ( the safest method so far ). Also, you can use pills ( not more than twice), copper T, etc. (By taking medical advise).

Do not insert any unwanted things inside the vagina. The ph of the vagina is very low.



Do not use Soap, shower gel, medicine, deodorants, perfumes etc to clean the vagina or for any pleasant smell. A clean and hygienic vagina will always have its particular clean smell. Do not use any chemicals as the pH level of the vagina is very low to handle such chemicals.

How to wash the vagina ?

As stated in Point 3, the vagina cleans itself properly. For outer cleaning, you can only splash some luke warm water to clean it. No chemical should go inside.

Hope this basic 10 facts about vagina is clear to you. This information will not be given in any textbook nor any one will tell you. I request you to please share this with maximum woman so that they understand this and lead a healthy life.


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